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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 12:13 am
Not so many books finished this month, but have quite a few ongoing as I close the month.

First finished was the Yoggie book club choice: Fluke by James Herbert. I've read quite a few James Herbert books. This isn't like his others. It's touching, and warm, and not horrific, though there are scenes of jeopardy. It's about a dog, and I really cared for the dog as I was reading it. I suspect James Herbert must have been a dog lover to write such a well observed book about the dog's perspective.

Next up was Whitstable by Stephen Volk. This is more a novella than a novel, quite short, and tells a fictional story slotted into the real life of Peter Cushing. I'm not that familiar with Peter Cushing's life, and can't tell how well-judged the biographical side of this book is. But it was a moving read, and quite gripping, and I would recommend it to any fans of Cushing, or Hammer films, or just a good story.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is Neil Gaiman's new book. I read this on my Kindle and really enjoyed it. It's marketed as for adults, and there are some adult things in it, but nothing as strong as, for example, American Gods. I suspect it could be read by youngsters well. It's very much in the spirit of Diana Wynne Jones books. Good stuff. I also ordered a signed hardback copy for me to keep.

Something Borrowed was the latest Doctor Who 50th Anniversary e-short, this time by Richelle Mead, the first lady to write one of these short stories. It's been well received by Doctor Who fans, but I struggled with it quite a lot. It features Sixie and Peri, and I found it quite difficult to get into. It was also set on a very alien world, which is never a promising thing for me. I'm not the biggest fan of sci-fi, despite being an ardent Who fan. So not a big success. But still vastly better than the misfire of the First Doctor story months ago.

The Obverse Book of Detectives is the latest in a series of quarterly slim volumes published by Obverse Books. This one contains six detective stories. Mostly they use very unusual settings, and many experiment with the detective story format. Despite that my favourite of the bunch had perhaps the most conventional setting of the lot. But 'The Sorcerous Dogsnatchers of Fishwife Lane' still won out for me on sheer outright barminess.