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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 03:57 pm
I picked up the family history bug from a young age. That was partly due to my Granddad dying when I was 9, and leaving us lots of family certificates, photos, and papers. But I was already hooked by then. When I was very young I used to be able to draw royal genealogy trees from Kenneth MacAlpin down to the present day, from memory.

A big reason for getting hooked was this book, published in 1975.

It's not a very good example of how to do genealogical research. There were other books that inspired me more along those lines, like Alwyn James's "Scottish Roots" bought in St Andrews Tourist Information Office on a summer holiday (when the tourist information office was in South Street, in what would later become the children's library, and later a music exchange shop). There are some tips in this book, but mainly it was about drawing family trees, going further, and further back in time.

The "monster" reference in the title refers to the mythical 5th century ancestry of the Merovingian rulers. Which I'm descended from. So if there really was a monster at the top of their tree, it's at the top of mine too!