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February 9th, 2013

vivdunstan: (botanics)
Saturday, February 9th, 2013 04:11 pm
Belated update this month, because I've been suffering from an extremely heavy cold, on top of tons of chemo-induced immunouppression, so couldn't post at the end of the last month.

First book finished in January was Kim Newman's Anno Dracula. This was the Yoggie book club choice of the month, and something I'd bean meaning to read for ages. I really enjoyed it, once I got to grips with a mass of characters, and could distinguish between the vampires and not vampires. Excellent stuff anyway, thoroughly recommended.

Next up was The History of the Beano: The Story So Far. This is an absolute brick of a book. I sort of needed a crane to prop it up as I read it! But I'm very glad that I did. It was lavishly illustrated with old strips, and told the changing history of the Beano over time.

I'm currently rereading Hitchhiker's, having got the five books very cheaply on my Kindle. Latest was The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book, and am surprised how much I forgot. But it was still an entertaining read.

BBC Digital are releasing a series of e-short stories by noted children's writers featuring the Eleven incarnations of the Doctor, one story on the 23rd of each month, in the run-up to the 50th birthday. The first story, A Big Hand for the Doctor, was written by Eoin Colfer. I was bitterly disappointed by this. I couldn't recognise the characterisation as the First Doctor at all, and struggled to read the short story, let alone finish it. And the plot was very poor. Fortunately the preview of the second story looks more promising, including featuring Lovecraft's Necronomicon, otherwise I'd possibly be giving up in despair.

Last year, for the Yoggie book club, I read Maus. I've just finished MetaMaus, which is the behind-the-scenes interview / accompanying book. I really enjoyed this. It gave a wonderful insight into the creation of a comics masterpiece, and was fascinating to hear from the artist himself why he did things in certain ways.