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Books finished in July 2013

It's been a lean month for reading for me. I've been very weak for much of the time, extremely brain tired, and often unable to read at all before sleep. Even when I can read it's often been for just a few minutes at night, so I've made extremely slow progress on my reading. But still managed to finish some things.

First finished was my choice for the Yoggie Book Club this month: The Eagle Of The Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. I'm sure I read it as a youngster, but had forgotten most of the plot, so it was a fresh read. I enjoyed it, though found some bits lagged somewhat, and I expected a rather different ending. It was also nice to see the Roman fort near where I grew up as a child featured, albeit under a slightly different name from usual.

Next up was the latest Doctor Who e-short, The Ripple Effect by Malorie Blackman. This featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace. I really liked the central plot idea, but thought the characterisation of Seven was off. Also I found the resolution too easy. But still fun.

Nemo: Heart of Ice is Alan Moore's latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novel. I wanted to read this because it had strong Lovecraftian elements. I also hoped that it could be read out of context of the other books in the series. But I was very disappointed by it. I found the plot barely coherent, the story and artwork frequently confusing, and all in all very disappointing. INJ Culbard's graphic novel of Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness is much much better.

I've since finished another book, and am well on the way with others. But will blog about those in the blog post for August finishers.

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