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2013-10-07 02:56 pm
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Books finished in September 2013

I finished quite a lot of books this last month. First up was the Eighth Doctor e-short by Alex Scarrow, Spore. I quite enjoyed this, and could visualise Paul McGann reading some of the lines, but the actions of the Doctor seemed off for me, and the plot was not gripping enough.

Next up was the first in Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time trilogy: An Alien Heat. I last (and first) read this trilogy of books 25 years ago, and have been waiting for the Kindle versions to reread them. This opening book did not disappoint. I could remember quite a lot of the details, but many other things had been forgotten over the years. And it was just a joyous mashup of sci fi, time travel, and Wodehousian comedy. Fab.

Third book finished, which I'd been reading on and off for months, was Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges. I'd put off reading Judge Dredd for decades, thinking it wasn't for me, far too hard-core sci fi and hard-core comics. But I found this really gripping, well told, and the artwork was good. On the downside the edition I read reprinted the pages too small, so the text in speech bubbles and elsewhere was absolutely teeny weeny, and a strain on eyes to read. But otherwise it was good, and I've bought more Judge Dredd to read on my iPad.

Next up was Samantha Hay's Archie the Guide Dog Puppy: Hero in Training. I sponsor two guide dog puppies through training, and often see guide dogs - from the nearby Guide Dog centre at Forfar - being trained in the streets and shops of Broughty Ferry. This book is a children's book, retelling true stories of guide and other assistance dogs and their owners in a form that is easy for children to read. But it was still a good read, and I recommend it.

I'd never read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, though I saw the TV version back on first broadcast, and again more recently. The book is an improvement on the TV version: freed of the restrictions of TV budgets and filming limitations. I enjoyed it a lot.

Charlie Higson wrote the Ninth Doctor e-short The Beast of Babylon. I enjoyed this, and, without saying too much more for fear of spoilers, liked where it fitted into the Rose chronology.

Our Yoggie book club book of the month was The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. This had been on my Amazon Kindle wishlist for ages, so it was nice to get the prompt to read it at long last. And I enjoyed it, despite it being very much a sci fi book. Initially I was a bit frustrated by the narrative being split among so many characters. But then when things settled down on the one character, who I was much more interested in, I got much happier. It does end on a rather sudden note, though I know it's setting up book 2.

My final book finished in September was the second of the Dancers at the End of Time series: The Hollow Lands. I liked this, though perhaps not as much as the first book. But it continued the amusing comedy of manners and time travel shenanigans of book 1. I am looking forward to moving onto book 3, perhaps in October.