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March 3rd, 2013

vivdunstan: (botanics)
Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 08:21 pm
I finished quite a few books in February.

First up was MetaMaus, a book full of behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews with Maus creator Art Spiegelman. I skim-read some bits, but read most thoroughly, and really enjoyed it.

Next was Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse, this month's choice, actually my choice, for the Yoggie book club. I'd read an extract from this before, and had seen a TV adaptation of it with Fry and Laurie many years ago, but had never read the original book. I enjoyed it greatly, laughed throughout, and all the book club enjoyed it too.

Next was a Doctor Who Quick Reads: The Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker. This was a very easy read, and although it covered much of the same ground as prior TV Silurian adventures it had some original elements, and was enjoyable enough.

Dotter of Her Father's Eyes is a collaborative graphic novel between husband and wife team Bryan and Mary Talbot, combining an autobiographical element of Mary's life with a biography of James Joyce's daughter. I enjoyed this a lot, though it was rather short. To be honest I was more interested in Mary's story than the Joyce one, and found that more compelling, though the interplay between them did work quite well.

The final book I finished was another Doctor Who e-short: The Nameless City by Michael Scott. This is the latest in a series of short stories looking at each Doctor in turn, and this one looked at Patrick Troughton's second Doctor, accompanied by Jamie. As a real bonus for me there were lots of Lovecraftian elements to this story, including his infamous fictional book The Necronomicon. And best of all it was leaps and bounds better than last month's First Doctor e-short by Eoin Colfer.

I've just finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods but will blog about that in my post next month.