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vivdunstan: (Default)
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 06:40 am
Was reminded of this through a Facebook friend's post just now. Anyway I thought I'd make a record of the concerts I've been to, before I forget. It's not a very long list, but still.

Probably the first one was the Rankin Family in concert at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh in the late 1990s. The Rankin Family is a Canadian group of brothers and sisters who sing Scottish-Canadian folk-inspired music, often in Gaelic. Sadly one of the brothers died a few years ago, and the group split up. But my husband and I have very fond memories of that performance, and a nice collection of CDs.

Then a year or two later we went to see Capercaillie, also at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. I've been a fan of Capercaillie for a long time, as has my husband. When we got together we found that we had a lot of musical things in common, and Gaelic-singing groups like Capercaillie and Runrig were prominent among this. By the time we went to see them Capercaillie were moving towards their more experimental phase, which I wasn't such a fan of. But there were still enough of their classic songs for us to be very happy. We sat right at the front, near the stage, and I remember the floor vibrating as people got up in the aisles to dance, and of course the speakers right beside us.

Some years ago we went to see Dougie Maclean in concert at the Younger Hall in St Andrews. It was a special St Andrews Day concert, and he was superb, captivating the audience with a range of his folk-inspired music. I bought a CD of his afterwards, and also have a songbook. Actually I also have a Rankin Family songbook, and Runrig's magnificent "Flower of the West" hardback songbook.

I wish I'd been to see Runrig in concert, preferably when Donnie Munro was the lead singer. But never mind.
(EDIT: I've just ordered their "Wheel in Motion" concert DVD: that's a good substitute.)

That's my list. I've also been to see musicals (always at the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh: Phantom of the Opera twice, and Les Miserables once). But no more groups in concert.