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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 08:14 pm
I've finished very few books this month, mainly because I've been very knocked out, as I had to come off one treatment unexpectedly, and was waiting to start another one, and in the meantime the inflammation in my brain started to go out of control *sigh*. May is likely to see even less books finished, as I have three cycles of heavy chemo treatment to get through. Ah well.

First up this month was a comic book: Neil Gaiman's "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?"  I read this on my iPad, though I bought the comic issues at the time. Enjoyable imaginative tale, which I won't say too much about for fear of spoiling people. Short but sweet, and well worth a read.

Then was another comic book, longer this time, again read on my iPad. It was Book 1 of the Korgi collections by Christian Slade, called "Sprouting Wings". This almost seems like a love letter to corgis, which are drawn exquisitely throughout in this child-friendly fantasy tale. On the downside for me there was no dialogue in there at all. This might be nice if you are reading it with a young child, and they get to guess at what is happening. But for me I would frequently turn to a panel, not have a clue what was happening, and go to the next panel and try to back pedal. Somewhat frustrating. Though, again, the artwork, especially those corgis, was adorable.

The only long book I finished this month was "The Sword of Albion" by Mark Chadbourn, or as it is called in the US "The Silver Skull". It's the first of his trilogy of Elizabethan spies versus evil faerie stories. I enjoyed this a lot. Swashbuckling tale well told, and a very good evocation of Elizabethan intrigue and setting. I'm glad there are two more to read. Treats to look forward to.

I have lots of other books on the go, including some nearly finished, but I'm expecting to crawl through them over the coming days. But still glad to be able to read them. I spent 5 hours sitting around in hospital this morning, and although I was too tired to read much at all it was still great to have my Kindle there. As I could manage it I was flicking between a Torchwood fiction book (old one: more Bilis Manger), and a very funny book by Tom Cox about his life with lots of cats.